The Human Empowerment and Research Society is founded with a cherished goal of dispelling the darkness of ignorance from the prevalent habit, culture and the customary tradition of the society of humankind and breeding a positivistic outlook and new horizons of knowledge and development. The entire community of human capital is right now on the verge of disruption, disorganization, discrimination, disorientation and in turbulent situations.

The time is knocking the door to be alert and get prepared for managing the present scenario in the wake of current as well as future problems. To empower all sections of human community is possible only when the right kind of education is ensured to each and everyone. It’s a challenge these days. The access to the desired goal through the formal education system is not sufficient. Therefore suchlike societies’ benevolent act may help ease the goal materialized. This society tries to function in the various ways of gross and subtle processes by dissemination of right kind of knowledge through bringing out a research journal and organizing seminars/symposia and other academic deliberations independent of formal university/college systems.