What is the frequency of the publication?

IJDTS is a biannual print journal.

I want to submit my paper to Indian Journal of Dalit and Tribal Studies. How can I know that my paper fall within the scope of the journal or not?

Indian Journal of Dalit and Tribal Studies (IJDTS) is an international bilingual biannual print journal engages with dalit and tribal cosmology, ontology, epistemology, axiology and action. We accept papers which fall within the following themes-

Context of Dalit and Tribal Realities

Dalit and Tribal Ontology

Dalit and Tribal Studies

Dalit and Tribal Movements

Dalit and Tribal Politics

Political Economy of Dalit and Tribal Development

Dalit and Tribal Epistemology

Dalit and Tribal Cosmology

Caste in the neo-liberal World

Dalit and Tribal media

The Paradoxes of Dalit and Tribal Cultural Politics

Tribal Aesthetics

Research Methodology in Dalit Studies

Dalit and Tribal literature

Tribal and Indigenous Research Methodologies

Comparative Study of Untouchability in World

Caste and Race

Subaltern Historiography in India,

Dalit and Tribal Narratives, Phenomena and Life World Studies, etc.

Which types of paper do TPIJSSH publish?

IJDTS publishes original research work such as Research Papers, Synopsis, Review Papers, Book Reviews and Articles related to Dalit and Tribal Studies.

Does IJDTS have any publication guidelines?

Yes, publication guidelines are available on the website http://www.hersindia.org/

I want to submit my paper to IJDTS, how to submit it?

You can submit your paper through e-mail at ijdtshers@gmail.com.

Is IJDTS a peer-reviewed journal?


Is IJDTS an indexed journal?


Is IJDTS a refereed journal?


Is this journal published both in print and online versions?

IJDTS publishes papers in print form only.

Is IJDTS an open-access journal? What are the benefits of publishing in an open-access journal?

Yes, journal is an open-access journal. The readers, students, teachers, professionals and author(s) can easily access the contents of an open-access journal. It ensures readers can access paper world-wide easily.

Is IJDTS a UGC CARE listed journal?

No. IJDTS is not listed in UGC CARE list. Although this journal is valid as per new UGC guidelines. UGC has provided new guidelines whereas a journal may either be peer-reviewed or UGC listed as UGC gazette regulations on minimum qualification for appointment of teachers and other academic staffs in universities and colleges (18/07/2018).

Is there any word limit of the paper?

There is no word limit in a paper, but the paper should ideally not exceed 10000 words.

How long will the peer review process take?

Manuscripts which have passed the initial screening will be sent to two or three referees to evaluate the content. The whole review process will take about one and a half month.

How can I know about the status of my paper?

When you submit your paper you will receive a reference number within 48 hours of the submission. To know about the status of your paper you can send your paper title with reference number to ijdtshers@gmail.com. You will receive a reply within 48 from our editorial assistant desk.

Which type of file or format do you accept for manuscript?

At present, Microsoft Word (.docs, .doc file) is the only format for submitting your manuscript. Please see the guideline section.

Why do I need to submit a copyright agreement?

To protect the rights and interests between authors and the publisher, authors are required to grant an exclusive licence to the publisher. Compliant with the open access policy, the publisher can reproduce, distribute, display and store the manuscript.

Does TPIJSSH publish special issue?


Can I join the review team? What is the procedure for it?

Yes. We accept reviewers from related expertise. You may contact and send the CV to the editor’s mail at ijdtshers@gmail.com mentioning why you qualify as a reviewer. Our editorial board will evaluate your CV and will communicate its decision to you as soon as possible.