1. To open and run the schools and colleges from primary sections to the higher level for academic development of the boys/girls.
  2. To train in industrial, technological and technical education and develop the computer hardware/ software skills for boys / girls and to help them to become the self-employed.
  3. To make them know all the subjects and languages as per the new education policy.
  4. To ensure the participation in child and women welfare programmes conducted by Social Welfare Department, Central and State Social Welfare Advisory Boards, SIFSA, KAPART, NABARD, District Village Department, NEDA, Duda, Suda, and HRD Ministry.
  5. To establish free of cost rehabilitation centre for the disabled persons under various government schemes.
  6. To organise free of cost cultural programmes from time to time and to establish the music schools.
  7. To spread awareness about environmental pollution and to organise the exhibition camp on the problems cause by environmental deterioration as well as plantation.
  8. To organise different kinds of camps, exhibition, training workshops for increasing the agro-products, and to exhibit the high yielding seeds.
  9. To eradicate leprosy and to establish the homes for the leprotic partiets for making them self-reliant.
  10. To help the poors settle the marriages of their children as well as to assist them economically.
  11. To help the Backwards communities, minorities, schedule caste and schedule tribles as per the government schemes run for them as well as guide them free of cost.
  12. To educate the poor, helpless, tribal children and for their moral and spiritual development provide the library, auditorium and the play-grounds at free of cost.
  13. To help and educate the people about fatal diseases like Cancer, T.B., Maleria, Cataract, AIDS, Polio, and Vaccinate the disease like Hepatitis B.
  14. To provide the free of cost skill development programmes like, sewing cutting embroidery, painting, beauty parlors tend training of handicrafts and wood crafts.
  15. To educate the boys with awareness against child-labour and to inspire them for the self-employment.
  16. To extend all possible helps at the time of natural calamities.
  17. To eradicate the social evils like addiction, dowry, smoking, gambling, and drug-abuse, and to abolish the danger of the society.
  18. To organise the self-help-groups and work for the betterment of the poor women labourers.
  19. To establish and run the hospitals for the public welfare and the health benefits. To arrange the free camps for health check-up and provide with facilities of doctors and free medicines.
  20. To enhance the level of education by means of organising seminars and workshops and to spread awareness.